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Meed your needs by supporting primary caretakers in fulfilling their potential

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Successful solutions meet caretaker needs

On-site child care

From Patagonia CEO:

­“Women will never be able to effectively “lean in” without the proper economic, social, and community support for the most critical work of all – raising the next generation.”

­It pays for itself after factoring in tax benefits, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. Read more.

Team up for child care

Pool resources with other companies to form consortia to build or support child development centers or family care homes.

  • ­Georgia Pacific, the Federal Reserve, a local department store and a newspaper did just that in Atlanta.

  • ­Bright Horizons works with businesses to meet working parents’ needs.

  • Children’s First Financing provides loans and business-development assistance to high-quality child care businesses serving low- and moderate-income families.

  • Wonderschool, seeking to be the “Airbnb of daycare,” helps experienced educators and childcare providers start their own child cares out of their homes. They provide assistance with licensing, program setup, marketing and everything in between.


“Adopt” or sponsor a family child care provider by assisting with licensing/accreditation costs, providing scholarships for professional development, or offering health benefits in exchange for child care openings for your employees.

Companies such as Intel invest in a network of child care providers that might be nearer employees’ homes and offer training, mentoring, and support to providers in exchange for giving Intel employees priority admission and emergency backup slots.

Subsidize Employee Costs

  • Offer tuition scholarships

  • Provide vouchers and reimbursements

  • Microsoft offers employees discounts at many child care development centers or subsidizes child care and backup care with national providers

Children’s needs don’t adhere to an 8-5 schedule, and primary caretakers can still fulfill work requirements if allowed a more flexible schedule or work-from-home options.

In fact, those who have a flexible schedule or work from home tend to have higher productivity.

Offer flexible schedules or remote work

Form a Business Leader Coalition to bring issue to forefront and advocate for solutions as is being done in some capacity in Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Vermont.

  • Educate others in business community on why providing quality child care is good for business.

  • Utilize connections in philanthropy, community partnerships and local government leaders to invest in high-quality early care and learning.

  • Set the Policy Agenda: Put pressure on federal, state and local government to invest more in child care subsidies, refundable tax credits, and incentives to create child care infrastructure.

  • In Colorado, a group of top business leaders formed Executives Partnering to Invest in Children to spark more investment in these services. Among their initiatives, they provide a toolkit for employers to show them how to invest in child care expansion.

Be a leader on the issue